What Does the Mirror Show You?

I’d like to piggyback on my last blog in regards to beauty. Between Facebook, texts, tweets and comments, I received a wide range of response. It was all interesting and insightful.

Based on what I read – we love beauty and beautiful things but resent feeling obligated to obtain it. Many acknowledged that inner beauty is what is important but still feel sucked in to comparing their outer beauty to what we see in magazines and on the screen. A few shared how this is amplified by physical disabilities, illness and lack of money. Another reminded me that when we criticize our appearance, we’re criticizing the work of God.

I believe God is aware of struggles. Perhaps Jesus experienced this to some point when He lived on earth in human form. Who knows?

It’s hard not to look in the mirror and see our imperfections. The other day I was in the locker room at the YMCA. I had done a swim during lunch and was putting my face back before returning to work.

The florescent lights highlighted my gray hairs and revealed every line and stray hair on my face. I was fretting over my fading eyebrows when I heard the woman sitting next to me speaking with her friend.

Lady #1: “You’re eyes look so good today!”

Lady next to me: “Thanks! I have about three eyelashes on each eye now.”

Lady #1: “It seems to take forever but once mine began to return, they came quickly.”

I looked over at my neighbors. The scarves on their heads and hairless faces told me they were probable recovering from some form of cancer treatment. However, the more they spoke, the more beautiful they appeared.

They were two friends who were lovingly supporting each other through a crisis. They weren’t focusing on what they lost but instead on hope and looking for what was returning.

God reminded me that morning, there is beauty in everything and we can see it as long as we’re looking for it. Focusing on what is gone blinds us to what we have.

I still don’t care for the florescent lights but now I try to view the lines on my face as a reminder that I’ve had much laughter and many sunny days in my life. The hair on my face means that I also have hair on my head. And the grays are proof that God as allowed me many days to love and be loved here on earth and hopefully gained some wisdom along the way.

Take a long look in the mirror my friends – you’re perfectly made. Make sure you see it.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Has God revealed anything to you under His lights?


  1. I constantly focus on the vertical lines that live above my lips. Without them, I know I would look at least a decade younger. But do I want to get rid of them? No way! I know how I got them! Not from a straw like the experts say. I got them from kissing my kids! Three kids need lots of love and I am a little on the obsessive side when it comes to affection. As long as they are willing, I plan to give them as many smooches as they can stand.

  2. Laurie Russell says:

    Ha! Totally worth it Anna! I have love lines on my lips too from kissing the kiddos (and all this time I thought it was from sipping wine and coffee! ha)

    Your kids are blessed to have you!!

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