Was Jesus’ Birth an Accident?

Not long ago I was visiting a friend. We were talking about our children and she began joking how all of her children were “accidents.” (She has six children, but I won’t go there.)

“What?! I wasn’t planned? You guys didn’t want me?” Her oldest son had been in the hallway and overheard our conversation.

Oops…take it back.

“Of course we wanted you. It’s just that God’s timing was different from ours.” (Good try my friend.)

This seemed to appease him…somewhat, but he left us with a hurt look on his face as if he didn’t feel as special because he wasn’t “planned.”

blog photo - Jesus birth a mistake?We read in the Bible of barren women like Sarah and Hannah, begging God for a baby. Their sons were special and did a lot for mankind. However, the world’s biggest blessing may have initially been seen by His mother as an “accident”, or more like a mistake.

Surely Mary didn’t plan on being pregnant…by God…before she was married!

But…this was GOD’S plan. And it was good. Very good.

She endured hardships. She was ridiculed. She was out casted. She may have been known as the mother of the odd kid. We all know how painful it can be to hear others talk badly of our family.

But…she spent more intimate time with Jesus than any other who walked this earth. Talk about awesome.

She taught Him how to walk and He would travel the earth and give the lost hope and the outcasts love. She was a part of it.

She picked Him up when He fell down and kissed His boo-boos. One day His blood covered body would stumble as He carried the Cross. But she was there. Yes, she saw His death but she also saw His resurrection.

Was Jesus’ birth an accident?

No. It was a blessing, planned by God.

There have been times in my life when God’s timing didn’t match mine. I didn’t get married until I was older. I had to wait to have children. I had to wait to write my book. I had to wait to finish school. My grandfather died too soon.

None of it is how I would have authored my life. They were hardships that I didn’t want at the time.

But the blessings birthed through these struggles were illustrated by the hand of God. I know it because they are too perfect to have come from me.

So my friend, you may have experienced a loss. You may be waiting on God in a particular situation in your life. You may be in the middle of a huge blessing. Either way, God’s hand is actively writing your story. You may not see it now but a blessing will come out of it in time. Choose to see it.

Mary may not have planned to be the mother of Jesus, but God did. She chose to believe it and because of it, she was blessed.

What unplanned events in your life have been a blessing to you?







  1. Mark Deaton says:

    None of our children were planned, but my wife and I were just as excited as if we had planned each one for ten (10) years. It is so exciting to see what God is doing in your life. We would not change a thing concerning our children. We are blessed by them, each one doing their God given tasks, as Laurie has done here.

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