The Beauty of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a gift from God. I watched the highlights from the memorial service held in his honor. It drew segments of all of humanity: global leaders, laborers, celebrities, housewives, religious leaders, sports figures and on and on.

Nelson MandelaEveryone loved Nelson Mandela. He had a heart we don’t see often.

History has shown us what hatred does to a person. Many cultures are plagued with the repercussions of past mistakes made by evil leaders with mindless followers. We then pass it down to the next generation and it grows stronger and stronger.

Mandela didn’t do this – he was different.

Due to my age, I was robbed the honor of hearing Martin Luther King, Jr. speak but my generation has had the privilege of seeing Mandela’s release. We’ve learned much from what he did with his precious life.

He didn’t waste his time in prison. He used his time to think. He used it cultivate peace in his heart, not brew hate in his soul.

He studied his enemy – NOT to destroy them – but to find ways to unite with them.

His words were peace. He didn’t preach violence. He longed for freedom and unity.

He left prison a better man, not a bitter man. Only a person with solid character, empowered by God, can endure such conditions and leave a nobler person.

Mandela didn’t walk around with a chip on his shoulder; instead he carried the cross that was given him, with his beautiful smile and healing heart. Because of this South Africans found freedom and experienced unity without bloodshed. Those of us watching from afar were amazed.

It can be done. We all can heal. We all can unite.

We must pray for peace and learn from the examples of wonderful people like Nelson Mandela that God puts in our lives.

Thank you God for Mandela.

Thank you Mandela for your faithfulness.

May you rest in peace. I’m sure many were awaiting your arrival as you entered Heaven’s Gates. Enjoy the love. You deserve it.



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