The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.”—Charlie Munger

I love this quote. Doesn’t it sum up the role of a parent? I just wish my kids would see the value in this and make it an easier job. 

Last night we had a family meeting. We are an active family with many activities throughout the week. Both kids are good students, however, on Monday I received notice that both of them had scored low on the class assignments.

Mark and I called a meeting to discuss ways we can make sure school doesn’t suffer. We weren’t punishing. We weren’t raising voices. We were only reminding them that school is their primary job and all other activities were secondary.

blog photo parent child meetingThere was no punishment, only encouragement but we did mention the consequences of neglecting school work, i.e. removal of certain “hand-held devices” or a break from their sport until grades improved.

Some people call it passion, I call it drama – but one of our kids was not too thrilled and took it personally and totally shut off to what we were saying. I could tell they were not hearing correctly the message. It was so frustrating – especially since we were being such cool parents about it!! What’s up with that?! 

It made me wonder. How many times do I react the same to God? He’s gently guiding me, giving me knowledge and wisdom but I overreact to my circumstances and then miss the life lesson. I know I can be a Drama Mama about such things. Looks like my kids have picked this up from me. Ugh…

Maybe last night was God trying to pass on knowledge and wisdom to me also.

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