Sometimes a Sick Day is the Therapy We Need

It’s been a rough week, health-wise, in the Russell household. Anastasia’s been dealing with the coughing funk the past two weeks and I finally had to take her in (to the doctor, not the house, even though at times I was tempted to leave her outside at night, but I fear I’m sharing too much right now) last Thursday.

Noah’s cough started up this past week and today it was his turn to head to the doctor. When I walked up to sign him in at the doctor’s office, I swear the nurse looked at me funny, as if I were using my kids to get drugs or something.

Maybe I’m just being sensitive. Either way, I’m sick of the sickness and long for life to be back to normal.

However, I’ve noticed something different in Noah today…he’s talking with me more and even cuddling! He’ll turn eleven next week and each day he seems to pull more away from me and more towards his friends and his room.

Not today…he seems to want just me.

He smiled and perked up when I offered him tea. When I brought him his pillow and fixed a place for him to lie down, he didn’t protest. He even snuggled in to me at the doctor’s office as we played a game together. In a way, it was like old times when he was a toddler. (Can you say “old times” when you’re talking about a ten-year-old?)

It made me wonder, I’ve been working hard to urge Noah to develop more responsibility – clean his own bathroom, fold and put way his own clothes, etc. – have I’ve neglected serving him in love for fear that he’ll depend on me to do these chores forever?

Perhaps I’ve swung too far in the other direction. Who knows?

Well, as I try to figure this out, I think I’ll take advantage of having my favorite boy home with me and go fix him some lunch and eat together with him.

Either way, it’s been therapeutic to our relationship.

What do you think?

How do we balance teaching our kids to become independent without pushing them away prematurely?

Any parenting advice out there?


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