Seeing God When He’s Silent

A cool thing happened to me this morning. I went for an early morning run before work. It was still dawn (I was going to say “twilight” but I didn’t want to distract you and cause you to think the movie Twilight and then wonder if I believed in vampires – which I don’t, btw). The sun was beginning to rise over Boise’s foothills but not enough to give much light.

I like running in the dark. It keeps me from looking at how far I still have to go and instead forces me to focus the steps in front of me. I’m not distracted by the scenery around but look solely at the path in front of me.

It was peaceful and therapeutic.

Life’s been rough lately and the world’s craziness makes it even harder to find peace. God tells us in the Bible not to be anxious about anything but that is easier said than done.

As I ran in the quietness, I prayed through my same petitions, hoping God would hear me in the stillness of the night. But He was quiet.

An old friend once reminded me that God inhabits the praise of His people. “If you want God’s attention, then praise Him!” So I tried it.

It was awkward at first but as I continued, I looked around me and noticed the foothills were glowing more as the sun continued to rise. It was gorgeous, making it easier to praise God for His creation and beauty.

I sensed more of God’s presence but He was still silent. I needed to know if my prayers were being heard. In desperation I pleaded, “God I just need to know that You hear me and see us. Please can You shine some light on us. Please shine Your light on us.”

I walked around a curve on the path that put our house in my direct line of vision. Our neighbor’s trees framed it and exactly behind our house was the sun shining on it, like a spot light. At the moment, only our house was illuminated by the sun. It felt as if God were saying, “Oh yes, I see you. I see all of you!”

It was cool, really cool.

Praise is not a magic formula that will make an invisible God visible, but does help to redirect our prayers. It took me out of my “I want, I need” prayers into petitions of asking to see God.

The time of praise took my eyes off myself and onto God

God may at times seem silent and but when we persist in praise He makes his presence known.

Has God ever revealed Himself to you in a time of praise?


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