Is There a Secret to Create Like a Genius?

This is a great story…Jacob Barnett was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of two. His parents were told that he’d never talk or tie his shoe. He’s now 14 years old, working on his Master’s degree, and preparing to start a PhD program. It’s even believed that his IQ is higher than Einstein’s.

In a TEDxTeen speech, Jacob shared some incredible insight into some of the greatest minds of our time.  Something we can all apply to our lives, no matter what our IQ is or where our interest lie.


In 1665 the University of Cambridge was closed for a couple years due to the plague. Because of this Newton was forced, as Barnett put it, to “stop learning”.

But Newton didn’t use this period to catch up on the campus gossip. Instead he used it to think and then create. It was in that time off school he developed calculus, his Three Laws of Motion, and other things that my mind will never understand.

blog photo - einstein


Einstein was rejected from working in a local university during pre-Nazi Germany because he was Jewish and forced to work in a patent office doing mindless work.

During those long, boring hours at the patent office, his mind was free to “think” and before long he discovered the fallacy Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion.


Diagnosed with mild to severe autism, he would often stare into space. His teachers put him into special ed classes but he couldn’t learn in this environment. Instead he used this time to teach himself all of high school math at the age of 10. He was able to develop a system using shapes and shadows that would enable him to learn math.

Did I mention that his parents were told he’d never be able to do basic functions. (I’m not even sure I remember high school math!)


We are continually receiving information whether it is in school, the Internet, a church, books, the television, etc.

We take in content but often neglect the time needed to process the information and allow our minds to think, digest this information.

It’s much like an athlete who studies their sport but neglects actually training their body to perform the sport.

I often do the same with God. I take in information about God and the Bible but neglect the time needed to think, process and allow God to create through me. Through us.

One insight Barnett shared is each of these people took existing information and applied their unique perspective to it, taking it to the next level, allowing them to give something to the world.

We were made in the image of the Creator of the universe, meaning we all have the ability to create and be extremely creative people. Now you’ll never see me create anything in the realm of quantum physics (I’m not sure I could even define it.) But we all have an area in which can create and give the world.

Perhaps all we need is to take the time to sit, be still and allow our minds and hearts to connect with God’s Spirit. Allow Him to show us the need that we can fill and create through us.

Great things are not limited to only the geniuses of the world. They are open to those who take the time and make the effort to fulfill their purpose.

Is there a need or issue that you have been searching for answer to? Could you possibly be the person that God created to fix it?

What fuels you? What are you eager to do every day?


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