Is God Boring?

“How little people know who think that holiness is dull…When one meets the real thing, it’s irresistible!”   – C.S. Lewis

I once thought God was dull. Growing up in a Christian home, I always had a belief in God. However, I didn’t want to give Him too much control in my life, fearing that following Him did not equal an exciting life.

Does Following God = Boring?

Does Following God = Boring?

To me at that time, God was boring.

I wanted a life of meeting new people, traveling to new places and truly enjoying the moment. I wanted triumphant challenges and stories that created laughter.

I wanted to control my life.

Following God would mean denying self, sitting in a pew and focusing on things that I shouldn’t do. Or so I thought.

Years of self-indulgent behavior eventually knocked some sense into me. Hitting rock bottom is humbling (and painful in many ways).  My need to “create the next exciting moment” was exhausting. I wasn’t building a life for myself – I was self-destructing.

It wasn’t until I returned to God that I found the exhilarating life I sought after.

Although, it didn’t erase my fear that God would call me to be a missionary. That was the last thing I wanted.

I didn’t want to go without make-up (I seriously have no natural beauty), wear drab colored clothing, in the jungle (I don’t do snakes!) and teach people about the rules and regulations of following God (I’ve never done well with senseless rules).

But I found that He’s is not a boring God who loves rules and regulations. Jesus didn’t come to free us from the bondage of our sins only to burden us with the bondage of “you outta”,  “you cannot” and “you should”.

Nope – He’s the God of  “Follow me and hold on tight because it’s about to get crazy!” – in a good way of course.

I eventually became that missionary. My irresistible God allowed me to travel the world. I toasted with WW II veterans, I cried with Babushkas, I played dodgeball with orphans and hiked with town leaders.

I delivered my babies overseas. I skied in the Andes and camped in Patagonia. We vacationed on a beach in Croatia. We got lost in castles and saw the world’s largest single lens telescope (guess which country). We danced… a lot!

Strangers would invite us over for dinner. My Chilean friends threw me an “American” baby shower (that was a hoot – never knew you could do that   with guacamole!)

Women cried when I entered their hospital room carrying the Bible they had prayed many years for. WW II vets begged me to teach their children about God.

It wasn’t easy. I missed my family and friends. Raising children in a foreign country can be painful since they don’t fit in either culture, home or abroad.

But it was exciting because I saw God on a daily basis as He met our needs. He gave us the desires of our hearts. He even threw in some extra adventures – pure joy.

What’s awesome is, this is not a missionary thing. This is a God thing.

When we surrender control of our lives to Him – daily pray, “This is your day God. What would you have me do?” – opportunities arise and we find joy in the small and strength to handle the large.

God’s not dull. He’s fully alive and longs to for us to be also.



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