I Didn’t Know It Was Possible Until I Became a Parent

Today is Noah’s 11th birthday. He’s our oldest, the guinea pig, the child we’ve made most of our mistakes on (and I’m sure we’ll have to relive all of them one day in therapy sessions.)

He is also our first love. The one we cried over as we held, unable to believe we’d get to take him home with us.

Growing up my father often described me as the daughter who marches to a beat of a different drum. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to marry or have kids. But that all changed with Mark.

Parenthood has taught me that many things are possible and in honor of my most favorite boy’s 11th birthday, I’ll share a few with you.

I never knew it was…

–       Possible to eat breakfast, breast feed and put on make-up at the same time (Please kids – do not try this at home.)

–       Possible to clean up puke without puking myself (I never thought that would be possible – I have a strong gag reflex.)

–       Possible to lose hours of sleep worrying about a 3yr old playdate that “went wrong” (Yep, I’m embarrassed to admit this one. Can we say “helicopter psycho mom”?! 😉

–       Possible to change a diaper in a 2×2 airplane bathroom in midst of sudden turbulence and without losing any of the “product” (I knew I had arrived as a mom that day.)

–       Possible to sleep with 4 people in our bed (I don’t recommend this if you want a large family…it’ll never happen if you know what I mean. Hee, hee)

–       Possible to live a week in only 1 pair of underwear (Noah did this – NOT me!)

–       Possible to fall in love before meeting someone (I loved them before I knew them.)

–       Possible to for my heart to expand every day.

–       Possible to intercede for someone without growing weary.

–       Possible for someone as selfish as me to completely rearrange and change her life for the two little ones.

–       Possible to love someone unconditionally with my whole being!

Happy Birthday Noah!!! I love you to the moon and back!!!

Thanks for letting me gush over my kiddos with you.

If you have any to add to this list funny or serious – I’d love to see them.



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