Helping A Generation Too Young to Understand 9/11

September 11, the day in our most recent history that causes our nation to pause, reflect and analyze who and what is most important in our lives.

My kids are too young to truly comprehend the date; Noah was only a few months old at the time and Anastasia was only a flicker in her daddy’s eye. But we do our best to help them understand what it means to our country. We spoke of it briefly over breakfast but their eyes glazed over.

Will they ever recognize what that day taught us?

blogphoto 9-11I had a meeting later that morning and wanted to get in a run beforehand, so I broke our normal routine and left the house before they headed out to school. I gave them their daily hugs, kisses and “I love yous” and headed out the door.

I walked down the path next to our house and was about to begin my run when I heard, “Mom, wait!”

I looked behind me and saw Anastasia running barefoot, full speed towards me, much like she did years ago when I picked her up from preschool.

“What’s wrong baby?”

Her arms wrap tightly around me and cuddled her head into my chest, “I just wanted to tell you one more time ‘I love you!’” My heart melted. She gets it.

She may not understand all the emotions that we felt that dreadful day but she’s learning the lesson it all taught us. I pray it’s a lesson she’ll carry through the rest of her life.

We’ll never forget those we lost that day.

May we never forget to teach the lessons we learned that day. It’ll make the world a better place.

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