God Waits in the Wings and Blesses Us

Our 9-year-old daughter, Anastasia, is quickly outgrowing her bike. She likes to participate in the kid triathlons around town and is on the Youth Tri-team at the YMCA. Last fall, in the season’s last event, I watched her riding down the street, pedaling as hard as she could only to have a kid on a larger bike shoot past her. Not only was the bike bigger but it was a road bike. Needless to say, she noticed.

She decided then that she wanted to save up for her own road bike, sensing that she was losing most of her time on the bike (I know, she’s only 9 and already this competitive. Lord help me!).

If you’ve ever priced a road bike before, it doesn’t take long to see that they are crazily expensive – even the kid’s bikes (that they outgrow). Luckily cold weather was approaching so I told her if she really wanted one then to begin saving and we’d look for a used one the next spring. I gave her the amount we’d pay to help out with it if she could cover the rest. However, internally I figured she’d lose interest and settle for a larger, much cheaper, mountain bike.

Well, she worked hard and saved birthday and Christmas money and even started her own pet-sitting business with a friend, business cards and all. A couple of weeks ago she asked if we could begin looking for her bike. My heart dropped. I had seen her hard effort and her unending desire for the bike but I knew realistically that what she had saved and what I could afford to help her out with still wouldn’t cover the cost unless we found a good deal for a used one.

We shopped, she saw. I could see her heart and her mind colliding as she realized that she’d either need to wait to save more or settle for a mountain bike.

“I’d rather wait. I really want a road bike.”

Oh Lord, I know this is a frivolous request, but please guide me in how to help her here.

We were tired and disappointed but decided to visit one more bike shop before heading home. The manager approached us and I told him our situation. He perked up, “I think one of my employees has a used kid’s road bike in the back. Let me see if he’s selling it.”

OMG – Lord, if this is of you, please have the price match what we have saved up.

Out he came with a beautiful, gently used, red road bike, small enough to fit her but large enough to last her for a few years. The only hurdle left was the price. When I asked him, wouldn’t you know, it was exactly what we had saved.


Thank you Jesus!

We drove home with Anastasia’s bike in the back. She was beyond excitement, “I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! God gave me this bike. If we had come later, we would have missed it!”

It turns out the employee had brought his son’s bike in to clean it up in order to sell it on ebay. He was on his way home when we came in the store. If we had been 10 minutes later or if his manager had not approached us, we could have missed our opportunity. But then again, I believe God is in control and orchestrated the whole event.

I also believe God wanted Anastasia to have that bike. He was eager to give it to her as long as she followed His timing. He saw her sweet heart and her hard work to save enough money. He also watched her generously give some of her bike money away to randomly buy gifts for others. He loves her and loves blessing her.

It was a wonderful day and a beautiful thing to witness. In full circle I saw the desire of a child’s heart, followed by hard work and then wisdom as she decided to walk away and wait instead of settling for second best. Then I saw a loving God standing in the wings, arranging the events and when she obeyed Him, He swooped down and gave it to her when the time was right.

It played out before my eyes – it was awesome and what’s even more wonderful to see…she saw it too. It was beautiful!

How has God blessed you when you followed His time-table?

How do you know when He’s telling you to stay or go for it?



  1. LOVE this story! I really do believe God blesses us when we wait. We have seen this truth numerous times in our family in the past years.

  2. Laurie Russell says:

    So true Kathy! I just wish it was easier to wait. 😉

    Thanks for your encouragement!


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