Facebook Gave Me a Reminder on Parenting

Parenting is the world’s hardest job. It’s not one you can clock out of at the end of the day and leave your tasks on your desk. Instead it keeps you up at night with a million worries dancing around in your head along with the never-ending “to do” list.

You can’t go through the motions because it takes your heart hostage and drags it to the extreme of every good and bad emotion. The ultimate high can drop to a devastating low in the matter of seconds.

Like the time when your 3-year-old helped a stranger on the playground only to seconds later drop a four-letter word because his sister took his shovel. (I’m not talking about the word “love” either.) You quickly explain to those around you, “I’m just the nanny. His mom is in the middle of a breakdown.”

And you wonder if you really are.

Then they become teenagers and everything becomes a battle. In many ways it gets harder because you’re not only providing their basic needs…you have to seriously think.

And that wears me out.

blog photo - me hugging kidsOk, I know we have to think with a toddler but the issue with a teenager is that they too are thinking. Thinking of ways to outsmart us and if we’re not careful – it becomes us versus them.

This morning there was frustration in our house as my kids got ready for school. Everything I asked them to do was met with resistance.

“Have you washed your face?”

“I told you I’m trying to cut my nails.”

“Remember to meet with your teacher today about that assignment.”

“Now I won’t get to hang with my friends!”

When I shut the door I mumbled to the dogs, “Thank God their gone.”

I didn’t think much about it until later when I was skimming through Facebook. I noticed two sets of old friends have recently lost children.

Oh no!

I was winded as I read their words expressing their love for their children, how much they miss them and the only thing that gives them peace is knowing their children are now at rest and no longer in pain.

I wanted to hug my children.

I’m pretty sure my friends would give anything to have more battles to endure with their children instead of drowning in the silence of their absence. What I stressed over this morning would be music to their ears if they could once more have that chance.

It was a good reminder from God that being a parent is not a job – it’s a privilege.

Raising a teenager is not “us versus them” but instead “us and them” as we walk alongside them guiding them through the chaos of life.

Each second in their presence is a gift from God and I need to grab on and embrace it while I have it.

I can’t wait for them to get home!





  1. This was wonderful, Laurie!! Thanks so much for the good reminder!

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