Bringing Light Into Black Friday

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and that means only one thing…Black Friday is in two days. Some love it and others hate it but with over $54 billion was spent in 2013 over Black Friday weekend, it appears a lot of us love it.

blog photo - Black fridayIt is a great time to find deals on electronics and other normally high-priced items but if we’re not careful, we can impulsively buy something that we don’t need just because it’s a good deal. “What…$49.99 for a bunion massager?! Out of my way granny! It’s mine!!”

Time to upgrade from my garage sale deal

Our family has this round table dining table that I found at a garage sale many years ago. It has served us well but the chairs are uncomfortable and it doesn’t seat many people, making it hard to entertain. I had a little savings set aside and felt it was time to venture out to see what I could find.

Anastasia went with me and as we drove away I felt this urge to pray. Now I know this sounds a bit odd to pray before shopping but we were both eager to get a new table and I didn’t want to waste the little money I had saved. Here’s what I prayed out loud with Anastasia in our car…

“Lord, I know this is your money and we thank you that we’ve been able to save it. We’d like buy a new table. If this is a good way for us to use this money, help us find the perfect table for us. If not, help us to walk away until it’s time.”

I had seen a “Pre-Black Friday” ad for a table and four chairs that was in our price range. We headed to this store and wouldn’t you know…it was closed! I was mad but I couldn’t show it because I had just prayed…in front of my daughter! Argh! Sometimes it’s hard trying to be a good model to my kids!

We ended up going to a different store and I found this awesome table. It was more expensive so we’d only be able to afford the table but not the chairs. The salesman helping us explained it was solid wood and a higher quality than the other tables. Now we had to decide to buy just a table and wait on the chairs or should we walk away.

We kept looking around and came upon a table that looked exactly the same but it was half the price! Turns out it was a display table that had a few nicks. The salesman came over and out of nowhere said, “I’ll mark this down to $100 if you buy chairs with it.”

What?! By doing this we could now afford a quality table…with chairs…on budget.

We were giddy walking out of the store. In the parking lot Anastasia exclaimed, “God gave us that table!” She was right, He did!

Take some light with you into Black Friday

I share this as a reminder to take God with you in every area of your life this holiday season. It may seem silly to spiritualize a shopping trip and maybe it is, in a way. However, if I had bought just any old table it would have been just that…any old table but now this same table feels like a gift from God and that makes us more thankful.

Okay my friends, I pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love and wonderful memories with family, friends and loved ones. If you’re brave enough to venture out shopping, take God’s light with you to Black Friday. He’ll lead you to the deals or let you know if you need to walk away.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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