Knowing the Voice that Guides Us

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27 NLT

This past weekend Anastasia participated in a swim meet in Washington with some of her teammates. The weather was warm. We were with friends. It was a perfect.

We stood, waiting to watch one of the courageous 10-year-olds swim in the 200-meter freestyle. Now to Michael Phelps this may be a sprint, but to child, it is an endurance event. Needless to say, there nervous energy in the air.

Our friend positioned herself on the diving block as the crowd cheered. The buzzer went off. She dove in. Her goggles flew off. Oh no!

She tried to keep swimming but 20 meters in she stopped and began to panic. The pool was deep and she treaded water. It looked as if she were about to quit when she heard a voice she recognized.

blog photo - hearing god

It was her coach.

Her head turned in his direction. He calmly told her, “Put your goggles back on and swim.”

She did and in no time she caught up with the rest of the group and finished strong. I was moved by her performance.

Watching this event unfold I was reminded of a couple of principles we read about in the Bible that can empower us in our daily lives.

1.)  She recognized her coach’s voice. The crowds were cheering loudly but our little friend was able to hear her coach’s voice over everyone. She knew his voice, much like a baby recognizes her mother’s voice.

It is important that we spend enough time, one-on-one with God in order to know His voice. The noise of the world will drown out His still small voice unless we learn the sound of it.

2.)  She listened to his instructions. Our friend didn’t question her coach or try to talk over him. She didn’t try to excuse away her situation. Nope. She focused on him and listened.

God knows our situation, our every need, our every mistake. He wants us to bring our needs to Him but if we don’t take the time to listen, we may miss out on His guidance.

3.)  She followed his instructions – immediately. She didn’t stall. She didn’t question his authority. She did exactly what her coach told her and within seconds she was with the rest of the swimmers.

She trusted and believed in her coach. She respected him. Her actions revealed this to be true.

There are times I hear God’s voice instructing me in my life but part of me second-guesses, “Is this really God talking or is it just my imagination?”

It makes me wonder what opportunities I may have missed because I didn’t recognize Him over the chaos of the world. I guess I need to be more diligent in learning the sound of His voice.